What Is A Clan?

The clan system is closely bound up with Scottish heraldry. more…

Who Is A Member Of A Clan?

Every person who has the same surname as the chief is deemed to be a member of the clan. Equally a person who offers allegiance to the chief is recognised as a member of the clan unless the chief decides that he will not accept that person’s allegiance.

The Search For Clan Chiefs

If the Lord Lyon is so minded a Commander will be appointed. Once that has happened a 10 year period must then elapse before any question of a chief can be considered.


Find out about Heraldic crests and who is entitled to wear them.


There are no strict rules on who has the right to wear a particular tartan. People normally wear only the tartan (if any) of their surname, or a “district tartan” connected with where they live or where their family come from.

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